Dissertation Award Instructions

The ACSM Biomechanics Interest Group Dissertation Award is given to recognize early research achievements based on the scientific quality of candidate’s dissertation research. Selection is based upon the scientific quality and impact of the submitted material as well as the application of the research to the mission of the American College of Sports Medicine. The awardee of the award will receive a certificate and a check for $500 USD. The Awardee must attend the Annual ACSM meeting and will be given their award at the ACSM BIG Annual Meeting. Awardees must reply to the award notification email within one week to confirm acceptance and confirm their intent to attend the BIG Meeting.


Current or pending member of the ACSM (student) at the time of the ACSM Annual Meeting. A person is considered eligible for the Dissertation Award if they have student status at the time of abstract submission, even if they complete their doctoral work before the ACSM Annual Meeting. Note: Applicants may concurrently submit for Student Travel Award and Student Research Award but can only be selected for one award.

Application Submission Materials 

1) Letter of nomination from primary advisor that specifies the (a) nominee’s contribution to all work described and to all accompanying publications; (b) the date of the dissertation proposal and expected date of the dissertation defense; and (c) importance of work to the field. The nomination letter should also include. 
2) Applicants must write a summary of the dissertation work (limit 2 pages) that specifies: (a) the title of the dissertation; (b) the rationale/scientific premise and hypotheses; (c) brief methodological considerations; (d) preliminary or expected results; and (e) description of the scientific impact and/or application to the field with respect to the mission or context of the American College of Sports Medicine. All text must be written in 12 pt font with 1” margins. Figures and tables are allowed within the 2-page limit. The reference list will not count towards the 2-page limit.
3) Curriculum vitae
4) Proof of ACSM student membership.
5) Combine all of the above materials into a single PDF with the file name Lastname-Firstname_DissertationAward.pdf