Career Achievement Award Nomination Instructions

The ACSM Biomechanics Interest Group Career Award is the most prestigious honor given by the ACSM Biomechanics Interest Group. This award is given in recognition of an individual who has made distinguished contributions to the development and enhancement of the education of students concentrating in Biomechanics, and/or has made distinguished theoretical or empirical contributions to basic research in biomechanics and has contributed to the general discipline and growth in the field of Biomechanics throughout their respective career. Special consideration will be given to those who have demonstrated commitment and dedication to ACSM through active participation in the College that advances the mission of ACSM. Active participation in the College includes but is not limited to: publishing in in ACSM journals; presenting at ACSM conferences; involvement in ACSM meetings and committees; long term attendance at national and regional meetings; and involvement in peer and public education. Submission materials will be reviewed by senior BIG members and/or previous awardees. The award consists of a certificate and a check for $1,500.00USD. The Awardee must attend and will be given their award at the ACSM BIG Annual Meeting. Awardees must reply to the award notification email within one week to confirm acceptance and confirm their intent to attend the BIG Meeting.


The ACSM BIG Career Award is open to all scientists, including non-ACSM members, but excludes current ACSM-BIG officers and members of the Awards Committee. Candidates should be established scientists whose work incorporates the scientific field of human biomechanics.


Candidates may be self-nominated or nominated by others.

Submission Materials 

1) Letter of nomination
2) Comprehensive curriculum vitae
3) Five exemplar publications, along with other documentation that support and embody the candidate’s qualifications for the award.
4) Combine all of the above materials into a single PDF with the file name Lastname-Firstname_CareerAward.pdf


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