Student Travel Award Instructions

A Student Travel Award is offered to help offset the cost of travel to the ACSM conference to present a poster or podium presentation of their research project. The BIG Awards Committee will select Awardees based upon the submitted materials. The Awardee must attend and will be given their award at the ACSM BIG Annual Meeting. The award consists of a certificate and a check for $300.00USD. Awardees must reply to the award notification email within one week to confirm acceptance and confirm their intent to attend the BIG Meeting.


Current or pending student member of the ACSM at the time of the submission. A student is considered eligible for the award if they are someone who has not received his/ her doctoral degree in the year prior to the ACSM annual meeting. Note: Applicants may concurrently submit for Student Research Award and Dissertation Award but can only be selected for one award.

Application Submission Material 

1) Letter of nomination and endorsement from the Department Head, Graduate or Undergraduate Advisor. This letter should include a statement specifying the applicant’s qualifications and why they are deserving of the travel award.
2) Cover letter (maximum 1 page) describing the benefit they obtain by attending the meeting.
3) Copy of e-mail correspondence or letter from ACSM verifying that the submitted abstract has been accepted to the ACSM Annual meeting.
4) Proof of ACSM student membership.
5) Combine all of the above materials into a single PDF with the file name Lastname-Firstname_TravelAward.pdf